Diagnosing ultrasonic scaler output power

How output power is controlled In case of decreased USS power output, the issue can be with: the control panel module the USS module the USS hose the USS handpiece the USS handpiece tip poor wiring/contact  Let’s use EMS FS-432 scaler on PREM electronics as our example of how can one diagnose the scaler output […]

Wiring diagrams (Model Pro)

Download all wiring diagrams 09/2022 (.zip) CONTROL PANEL CB_PREM, USB TB_PREM DENSIM micro motors – DX, DX PRO, DX SRG Turbines, Proportional valves for Air and Water, Pneumatic brake Syringes, Syringe hygiene Valve, Boiler, Peristaltic Pump EMS 286, 367, 433, 432, Woodpecker N3 Satelec 4055, Xinetic, LM ProPower Satelec Newtron, NSK VA170 PLM Mectron, Monitex […]