CONNECT app versions

iOS – v1.4.0 Release date: 23 July 2021 added user option to select instrument light to be lit at instrument start or right after picking up from the dentist’s panel added new languages and correction of some existing ones some technical notifications have been removed some buttons have been removed from the FW update screen […]

Firmware versions (Model Pro)

1.0.8 Release date: 13.08.2021 Modules versions CB_PREM TB_PREM SB_PREM FC_PREM FCRF_PREM FCRX_PREM AB_PREM CHB_PREM_2H CHB_PREM_CHES Improvements adjustment to water servo drive control distilled water bottle is now depresurized for top-up when Alpron bottle is empty (with DIPLOMAT hygiene) some messages are now displayed for short period […]