CONNECT app versions

Current version iOS – v1.5.0 Release date: 04 July 2022 added support for automatic cup filling added support for upcoming 2-way foot controller added screen to display the amount of solution left in individual bottles added ENDO mode for Woodpecker USS added interface languages – Romanian, Swedish improved representation of slow-gear handpiece torque value – […]

Firmware versions (Model Pro)

1.1.20 Release date: 03.11.2023 Modules versions CB_PREM TB_PREM SB_PREM FC_PREM FCRX_PREM AB_PREM FCRF_PREM CHB_PREM_CHES CSB_PREM Improvements: Added option for end-user chair calibration Improved chair calibration diagnostics Improved EEPROM protection SWING foot control implemented for SRG micro motor (bugfix) Wireless foot control battery discharging quickly while the […]