TI 2023/007 – Bottle filter

Download TI 2023/007 as PDF Change is valid for: all units with hygiene Change is valid from: 15.07.2023 Distilled water bottle filter (pictured below) is to be replaced for a new one every 6 months as a disinfectant solution can gradually block the filter. If there is a visible drop of pressure when using distilled water […]

Metasys WEK

The METASYS water decontamination system (WEK) is a system which enables decontamination of the water supply and pipes using the special disinfectant GREEN&CLEAN WK. In addition to its primary water decontamination function, the WEK also has a cascade (with DVGW-registration) to guarantee the separation of decontaminated water from tap water. Treated water is used throughout […]